Below is a summary of the Quality Control Plan implemented at Power Pipe and Tank. We invite you to inquire about the actual quality control manual components. From configuration control to material traceability, Power Pipe and Tank properly documents the manufacturing process of your tank. We are no strangers to source inspector relationships and indeed look forward to such business protocols.


As part of the overall quality control planning, the Quality Assurance Manager shall review all specifications and write a summary or Index of Quality Control that will be applicable for each customer, job or project. This will include definition of what standards will apply to the order (i.e. PS-15, ASTM, ASME, RTP-1 or others) as well as any exceptions that may apply. Customer approval of the quality plan is required before manufacturing begins. The Quality Assurance Manager shall review construction drawings to verify that the customer has approved them and to assure that only the latest revision is in use.


  • Materials purchased shall be documented on a numbered purchase order form and checked by the procurement manager to insure that the purchased material conforms to the job requirements.
  • Upon receipt, the Supply Room Clerk inspects all materials for condition and compliance with purchase documents.
  • Any non-conforming materials are brought to the attention of the Quality Assurance Manager.
  • All materials received shall be accompanied by the appropriate material certifications, when applicable.
  • Date of receipt and purchase order number shall be documented on material certifications.
  • Material shall be stored in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendation.
  • Resin gel tests shall be run on individual resin batches to determine resin quality and applicable catalyzation range.
  • Material traceability shall be maintained on all ASME, ASTM or RTP-1 stamped vessels.


  • Routine inspection shall be performed on all work and documented on a Daily Field Log.
  • In addition to the Daily Field Log, processes and inspection of ASME stamped tanks shall be conducted in accordance with the Superior Fiberglass Quality Control Manual. Power Pipe and Tank Quality Assurance Manuals are proprietary and not available for distribution. Manuals are available for viewing under the supervision of the Quality Assurance Manager.
  • Power Pipe and Tank Quality Assurance Manager shall conduct a final inspection.


  • Fabrication shall be by procedure and shall be documented on the Daily Field Log. The Quality Assurance Manager shall approve all procedures prior to start of manufacturing.


  • Any nonconformance shall be reported from Quality personnel to the Quality Assurance Manager.
  • Nonconformance shall be recorded on a nonconformance report (NCR) that is controlled by number and will be filed in the customer file as well as in the company NCR categorized file which shall be supplied to the President of Superior Fiberglass.
  • NCR’s shall include a description of the nonconforming part, a description of the nonconformance, a disposition of the nonconforming part, a proposed corrective action, and a space for documenting verification of corrective action.
  • As-is dispositions shall not be issued without full customer knowledge and consent.
  • The Quality Assurance Manager shall approve all dispositions and proposed corrective actions for non-structural non conformance. Both the Engineering Manager and the Quality Assurance Manager shall approve dispositions and propose corrective actions for structural nonconformance.
  • The Quality Control Inspector or Quality Assurance Manager shall verify completion of corrective actions.


Test instruments shall be calibrated annually or whenever instrument accuracy is questionable.


The “Tank Handling and Installation Instructions” is shipped with each finished product and is provided to the customer so as to provide a safe and mistake-free transfer of ownership of the tank.