The ingenuity and know how of the Power Pipe and Tank staff has no limits, as was indicated when they made a fiberglass mold from a frozen calf leg! Over the years, they have designed and fabricated custom fiberglass parts including, but certainly not limited to, the following:

  • Large Industrial Scrubbers
  • Deer Blinds
  • Wildlife Water Tanks
  • Motorcycle Trunks
  • Ice Cream Freezer Carts
  • Tank Manifolds
  • Filter Vessels
  • Fiberglass Ducting
  • Fiberglass Ladders
  • Fiberglass Tank Lining
  • Fan Blades
  • Compost Compartments
  • Amusement Park Ride Components


  • Oil Skimmers
  • Fiberglass Pipe
  • Fiberglas Pultruded Shaped
  • Fiberglass Grating
  • Fiberglass Fittings


  • Fish Ponds
  • Motorcycle Compartment
  • Gear Head Covers
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